Oh Yeah, Another Sock

It was about one year ago that I knit my first sock-even though I always said that sock knitting was dumb. Going round and round on tiny needles, thin yarn, too slow of a process. I have changed a lot since last February. I’m addicted to sock making. I love everything about them. The project is portable, offers gorgeous yarn to knit from, easy to complicated patterns to choose, and many  different methods of construction. Nothing dull about them. The best part — everyone loves a homemade sock, once you’ve worn one you won’t go back to store bought I guarantee. This sock also was made in Thailand!

Jeck by Regina Satta


FO# 4

Every time I start a new hat pattern I get so excited. This pattern did that for sure. I love the little cocoons that it created. The hat came out a little on the small side by that’s okay I will donate it anyway.

Gemstone by Christelle Nihoul

FO# 3

Sometimes I just like to knit hats to clean up yarn that I don’t really like. The Mini Mochi yarn used in this hat is okay if used as an accent- lets say in colorwork. The colors available are simply georgeous. On its own I’m not a big fan. I held two strands of fingering weight together and this was the outcome.

Hermione's Cable & Eyelet Hat by Jackie Lauseng