Magrathea by Martina Behm

I took a really long time to finish this. I started it in July and put it away for a while. Picked it up again in October and put it away again. I just didn’t enjoy knitting it, but didn’t want to rip it as this yarn had been knitted and ripped about three times. The yarn is considered sock yarn. I tried three different patterns and felt the yarn was too thin and weak for socks. So I persevered and I’m glad I did. This January I looked at it with different eyes. The knitting process flowed effortlessly and this is the end result! Fabulous!


First FO of 2012

Muckle Mitts by MaryJane Mucklestone

Here is my first project of 2012! I’m PROUD of these puppies because I’m famous for starting mittens and then losing interest after only one mitt! I’m also never very happy with the fit. I think now that I have knit so many um lets say swatches I understand how to adjust patterns to fit my hand. I also have discovered what style I prefer. Even though these are fingerless (not a true mitten) I’m happy with the results. I wear them a lot!

Oh Yeah, Another Sock

It was about one year ago that I knit my first sock-even though I always said that sock knitting was dumb. Going round and round on tiny needles, thin yarn, too slow of a process. I have changed a lot since last February. I’m addicted to sock making. I love everything about them. The project is portable, offers gorgeous yarn to knit from, easy to complicated patterns to choose, and many  different methods of construction. Nothing dull about them. The best part — everyone loves a homemade sock, once you’ve worn one you won’t go back to store bought I guarantee. This sock also was made in Thailand!

Jeck by Regina Satta

FO# 4

Every time I start a new hat pattern I get so excited. This pattern did that for sure. I love the little cocoons that it created. The hat came out a little on the small side by that’s okay I will donate it anyway.

Gemstone by Christelle Nihoul


Here is one of the screwed up projects that has been shoved in the corner for a few weeks. It is because of my inability to calculate gauge sometimes. The worst part of it all I was knitting this while travelling in the truck and you know how that is you just keep knitting and knitting until the road ends!

So Beautifull.....


When I started knitting again in 2009 I started making hats and haven’t stopped. I like the idea of instant satisfaction. I like being able to incorporate fancy stitch detailing so I don’t get bored. This is my fear of starting a sweater project for myself, rows and rows of garter or stockinette bore me to death! The thing is I have knit sweaters in my past. My first being a Cowichan Sweater that I made when I sixteen. As a matter of fact I knit three of them! Anyways here is my latest hat. Not too complex! A complete joy to knit as the pattern was easy to memorize. The designer is my absolute favorite- Woolly Wormhead! Pattern name ‘Castiel’. The yarn is Mirasol K’acha.