FO Friday

This past week of knitting has been really really bad. Everytime I cast on something (mostly socks) I knit on it for 2-3 inches and rip it out. The reasons vary. Mostly I just don’t like it. But also gauge is off. This is mostly my fault. I have hoovered over about 4 patterns that require 17 Stitches = 2 inches. I have repeatedly thought that it calculated to 7.5 stitches per 1 inch!  Good grief it’s finally has sunk in that the correct answer is 8.5 inches! This really makes a huge difference in a sock. It basically comes out way to big. Duh!

We are heading out of town for the weekend so I need to get something on the needles that is working out so I can enjoy the drive with a nice easy peasy sock project. I shall carry on.

The only FO this week is a hat I made from Cascade 220 Heathers. 100% wool in a beautiful “Grape Heather” color. The pattern is a newly released by Felicia Lo called ‘Creekside Cables Hat’. It is an awesome pattern with both chart and written instructions.


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